Yorkshire's dogged detectives

24 April 2004
Yorkshire Post
Kate O'Hara

TWO Yorkshire dogs are helping police in Northern Ireland to tackle a 25-year backlog of murders which built up when the force had to focus so heavily on combatting sectarian violence.  The specialist South Yorkshire Police sniffers and their handlers are being called on to mop up more than 150 missing-person and murder cases.

And PCs Martin Grime and John Ellis and their dogs, Eddie and Frankie, have already recorded a success in the first of their grisly investigations. Last week they found the body of pensioner Attracta Harron in Ulster. A 21-year-old student had been charged with her murder, but detectives had failed to find her body until the Yorkshire team joined the search.

The South Yorkshire officers and their dogs have also been called in to help with the hunt for the body of Arlene Arkinson, who disappeared nearly a decade ago, aged 15, on her way home to Co Tyrone, from a disco.

PCs Ellis and Grime and their dogs are due to return to Northern Ireland shortly to continue their search.

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