Attracta Harron - Killer refused to divulge murder details

13 April 2006
The Irish News
Martin King

The six-week murder trial was told that Trevor Hamilton steadfastly refused to divulge details of his gruesome crime in police interviews. During the course of the hearings the jury was exposed to every detail of the 65-year-old retired librarian's murder.

Among the most harrowing was an in-depth forensic description of the injuries that caused her death.

The court was told Mrs Harron may have been hit with an axe or hatchet with great force which left "the bones of the skull in pieces".

State pathologist Jack Crane said death would have "occurred fairly rapidly".

A recorded interview was played to the jury of six men and six women, in which a policeman asked Hamilton: "I'm going to appeal to you here now. I'm also going to appeal to you on behalf of the Harron family for you to tell us where this woman's body is at so they can give this woman a Christian burial that she rightly deserves - you think about that, you cannot be that cold Trevor, or can you?"

All that was heard was the hiss of the tape as Hamilton refused to answer the question.

The court also heard Sheffield-based officer Martin Grime describe how his police sniffer dog, Springer Spaniel 'Eddie', first uncovered traces of Mrs Harron's blood from a burnt-out car and later her remains wrapped in a meal sack and dumped at the riverbank.

When he took the stand Hamilton denied any link with Mrs Harron's murder.

Wearing glasses, the farm labourer appeared at Dungannon Crown Court dressed in a white T-shirt, blue jeans and brown boots.

Under cross-examination he said he had always denied the murder and that he ever knew Mrs Harron.

Asked by Terence Mooney QC how Mrs Harron's blood had been found in the car, Hamilton answered: "She was never ever in that car with me."

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