National, international investigators join Parker search

13 September 2007
Chattanooga Times/Free Press 

Chloe Morrison

Authorities announced that investigator Martin Grime from the United Kingdom and his dog, Eddie, will help begin a new phase in the case of missing Walker County 911 dispatcher Theresa Parker.

The FBI brought in Mr. Grime and his English springer spaniel to help the investigation process by narrowing leads, FBI Agent John Parrish said.

Eddie is trained to detect human remains, Mr. Grime said.

FBI officials characterized the Parker case as a "high priority," and said that dogs like Eddie are used in "violent crime matters." .

Walker County Sheriff said Sam Parker, Mrs. Parker's estranged husband, is still the only "person of interest" in the investigation.

FBI Agent John Parrish said dogs were used in searches conducted in April and provided "valuable" help.

Sheriff Wilson said investigators have not stopped working since Mrs. Parker disappeared on March 21.

"We have not given up hope," he said.

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