Dog that nailed Ulster killer is used in hunt

25 February 2008
Belfast Telegraph
Claire McNeilly

Springer spaniel Eddie, a victim recovery dog, is helping police look for  more remains in the area surrounding the former children's home. Last night, the investigation was focusing on one area of the building,  after Eddie was understood to have indicated that there may be further  victims there.

The crimefighting dog helped police put evil killer Trevor Hamilton behind bars after he found the blood of Attracta Harron (63)  on the 23-year-old murderer's car.  The dog found her body in a  shallow grave in April 2003.

Eddie - who works with South Yorkshire Police with his handler Martin Grime - was also involved in the search for  the body of Arlene Arkinson. The Tyrone teenager vanished after  leaving a disco in Bundoran in August 1994, but her body has never been  found.

Police in Jersey began a search of the former Haut de la Garenne children's home last Tuesday, using a sniffer dog and radar  equipment.  Eight suspicious sites have since been identified by  sniffer dogs. These are expected to be the focus of further  examinations.

"What appears to be potential remains of a  child have been recovered," a spokesman said. "The  inquiry is continuing. "We don't know yet if the skeleton is  male or female, it is still very early stages. "It is not  thought the remains are recent but we don't know at this time how long they  have been there."

The remains may have been there for at  least five years.

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