Sniffer dog detected body in Orkney sand dune

Bob Rose

17 February 2010
The Herald

A sniffer dog which has been involved in high-profile cases in the UK and abroad located the grave of a missing man on the Orkney island of Sanday, a murder jury was told yesterday.

FBI consultant Martin Grime told the High Court in Glasgow that he and his springer spaniel dogs, Eddie, Keela and Morse, were called in by Northern Constabulary in the hunt for Bob Rose, who disappeared on June 6 last year.

Mr Grime told prosecutor Alex Prentice QC that one of the dogs, Eddie, who is trained to detect dead bodies, reacted when he was taken to sand dunes at Sty Wick on June 24 last year.

He said: “His normal reaction is to bark. On this occasion he started to dig. As soon as he started to dig I called him back.”

The jury heard that a thin metal probe was then put into the spot Eddie indicated before a forensic anthropologist was called in to excavate the scene.

The jury was told that a body was found at the spot Eddie had indicated.

Mr Grime, 52, who described himself as a forensic canine consultant, is an adviser to the FBI in America and lectures and trains sniffer dogs there.

He has also been involved in high-profile cases in the UK and abroad.

Mr Grime told the court that Eddie’s nose is so sensitive that if someone touched a dead body and then touched a piece of paper before hiding it, Eddie would be able to locate the paper using his sense of smell.

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