'Super sniffer' led cops to Black Bob

Bob Rose

17 February 2010
Daily Star
Wilma Riley
Murder trial is told of dunes discovery

A sniffer dog involved in the Madeleine McCann and Soham cases found the body of a man buried in sand dunes, a murder jury was told yesterday.

Specialist canine handler Martin Grime told how he and his three springer spaniels, Eddie, Keela and Morse were called in to assist with the hunt for Bob "Black Bob" Rose.

The 54-year-old disappeared last June on the Orkney isle of Sanday.

The witness told prosecutor Alex Prentice QC, that Eddie, who is trained to find bodies, reacted when he was taken to the dunes at Sty Wick.

He said: "I noticed a change in his behaviour. He identified one spot.

"His normal reaction is to bark. On this occasion, he started to dig which I've never seen him do before."

The jury was told that a body was subsequently found at the spot where Eddie had indicated.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that the spaniel's nose is so sensitive that if someone touched a dead body then a piece of paper before hiding it, Eddie would be able to locate the paper.

The jury had earlier been told how one of the two accused, John Campbell, 52, and Stephen Crummack, 51, led police to the dunes where the deceased was buried.

Detective Constable Neil Docherty of Northern on stabulary said: "Mr Crummack took us to the area where Bob Rose's remains were deposited."

It happened days before the exact site was found.

The detective also said Crummack blamed his co-accused Campbell for Rose's death. He told the jury that Crummack told him that he [Crummack] and Campbell were in his caravan.

Crummack said he went out and upon his return Campbell was not there.

The detective added: "Mr Crummack said he went back outside and saw Mr Rose's cottage door was open.

"He went inside and saw Campbell leaning over the bed and he was shaking.

"He said he could see Bob Rose was on the bed and there was blood on Bob's face.

He thought Bob was dead."

The accused deny murder and attempting to defeat the ends of justice The trial continues.

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