Cadaver dog's crucial role in hunt for body

Cadaver dog's crucial role in hunt for body
16 March 2012
The Herald

police drafted in a "cadaver dog" to help with the search for Suzanne Pilley's body.

The springer spaniel called Buster was said to have once located a body under 9ft of water and found signs that were of "interest" in the basement area of Gilroy's work at IML, in Thistle Street, Edinburgh.

Constable Simone Thompson, of South Yorkshire Police, said the dog reacted at a number of areas in the garage and an internal staircase. The body was thought to have been hidden in a recess under the stairs.

It also showed interest in the boot of Gilroy's car, despite it reeking of cleaning fluid or air freshener bought by Gilroy the day of the killing.

The High Court was told victim recovery dogs, are trained to detect the smell of blood or the gases given off by a body.

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