Daughter, 8, Testifies in D'Andre Lane's Murder Hearing

Bianca Jones
Daughter, 8, Testifies in D'Andre Lane's Murder Hearing
Dad Charged after Bianca Jones' Disappeared
17 Apr 2012
 WJBK Detroit

 The 8-year-old daughter of a Detroit man charged with murder following the disappearance of his 2-year-old daughter has testified that she didn't see her sibling awake the morning of the younger girl's reported kidnapping.

The 8-year-old said Tuesday during D'Andre Lane's preliminary examination in Detroit's 36th District Court that a blanket was covering Bianca Jones' face and that her sister didn't say anything or move while on the way to school in Lane's car.

The girl also told the court a few days before Bianca vanished, Lane hit the toddler with a stick.

Days after Bianca went missing, a special investigator was called over from England. He also took the stand on Tuesday. Martin Grime told the court his cadaver dog found signs of decomposition on Bianca's blanket and car seat.

"The blanket from the baby seat and the baby seat itself were put in two completely different areas, the location of which it was unknown to me, and then we conducted screening searches in those areas, and the dog searched for and located and gave positive responses to both items," he said.

Testimony will resume April 27.

Lane has insisted that Bianca was abducted during a carjacking on Dec. 2. The car was found but not Bianca.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy says Lane's story is inconsistent with the facts of the case.

Defense lawyer Terry Johnson says Lane had no role in Bianca's death.

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