Casey Parsons: "This is so crazy"

Casey Parsons: "This is so crazy" that cadaver dogs alerted possible human remains in Parsons case
Dec 23, 2013 / Updated: Dec 25, 2013
Brigida Mack

The adoptive mother of missing teen Erica Parsons is reacting to news that a cadaver dog alerted to the possible presence of human remains while searching for clues in the case of missing Rowan County teen.

In an email to WBTV, Casey Parsons said "This is so crazy. This is why no one has found Erica, because no one is searching for an "alive" Erica."

Erica Parsons is the teenager who was first reported missing in late July by her adoptive brother, although her adoptive family hadn't seen her since 20-11.

Her adoptive parents insist she went to live with her biological grandmother, although investigators say that woman does not exist.

The cadaver dogs made the discovery in October and November at a property owned by Erica's adoptive grandfather.

Erica's birth mother Carolyn Parsons reacted to the news by telephone.

"All they had to do was give my little girl back to me January the 5th, 2011 like the original plan that we discussed," she said.

The warrant was served November 14 but was turned in to court late Monday afternoon.

Casey and Sandy Parsons stored items inside a shed on that property. Investigators seized those items - including human teeth - in October.

In the affidavit supporting the search warrant, an investigator stated probable cause for searching the shed.

He wrote "during the course of the investigation no credible leads as to the location of Erica Parsons has been discovered. The case received national attention in the media and with this attention no credible information has been received indicating Erica Parsons is living elsewhere."

Detectives say "the investigation began to explore the possibilities that Erica Parsons may be deceased and her remains concealed at a yet unknown location."

Search warrants in the case show evidence to be seized included "knives, edge weapons, sticks, blunt force objects, other tools or weapons; tape, rope, or other restraint and binding material."

Investigators seized a board and a jacket.

They say a K-9 trained to detect human remains "alerted on the red building twice, which indicates the presence of human remains."

In her email to WBTV, Casey Parsons wrote, "The search on that property was awhile ago. Don't you think if they had found something I wouldn't be sitting here answering emails."

For the last five months investigators have been searching for evidence in the teen's disappearance.

According to the attorney representing Casey and Sandy Parsons, federal agents wanted to question Casey Parsons on December 13th when she was in hospital.

Attorney Carlyle Sherrill said Casey Parsons was about to have surgery when two agents arrived.

"And when the FBI showed up, the doctor sort of changed plans and did examine her but canceled the procedure and by the time Casey was released, the FBI agents were gone" said Attorney Sherrill

Attorney Sherrill said the Parsons still don't know what specifically the agents wanted to discuss.

Meanwhile Carolyn Parsons thanked supporters from across the county who have contacted her over the past few months.

"Thanks for the prayers and support for Erica, the prayers and support for me, and y'all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year," she said.

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