Man holds on to hope for missing teen

Man holds on to hope for missing teen 
25 December 2013
 Catherine Bilkey
Rowan County, N.C. 

Investigators believe that a missing Rowan County teenager is dead, according to court papers Eyewitness News obtained Tuesday, but the grim statement has not shaken one man's resolve. This Christmas, Brian Young is planning a fifth vigil for Parsons. "We're just trying to keep Erica right on our hearts, right on our mind all the time," Young said. "There's a lot of broken-hearted people out there that really love her. She's become like family to us." Young never met Parsons, but he's written a song about the missing girl and threw a Christmas party for her Sunday. "We did a Christmas for Erica. It was just for her," he said. A warrant filed at the courthouse showed investigators believe Parsons may be dead. "I'm not losing hope. She's alive to me right now," Young said. But in the warrant filed late Monday, investigators said that three of four K-9s alerted that there were possible human remains near a red shed on her grandparent's property in October. In November, another dog alerted for the presence of human remains, according to investigators. Eyewitness News was told that only Parson's adoptive parents Casey and Sandy Parsons had access to that shed.

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